Allergies & the Changing Seasons

I grew up in Houston, Texas, where the weather can change four times a day. You never know if it's going to be hot, cold or rainy. Or all three at the same time. We also didn't have seasons, it was usually hot and muggy a majority of the year. Sometimes it rained during hurricane season and every few years it iced (not snow, never real snow).

With such crazy weather and different plants, my allergies went crazy! For many years I suffered from chronic sinusitis. It was gross. I couldn't breath. I had horrible headaches so I popped antibiotics, antihistamines and pain meds. But I was still really sick.

When I moved to Oakland, I got some relief but over the years, I've developed new allergies. But this time around I went the natural route to fight scratchy throats and clogged nasal passages.

Hopefully it can help you too!


Take it easy. Taking a few hours at the end of your day or weekend to relax. You'll feel better and fall asleep easier. And of course, sleep is always the best medicine. Sleep as much as possible when your body isn't feeling its best, especially when your allergies hit.

Eat with the season

Eat fruits and vegetables that are in season. Right now brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots and celery and all root veggies are in season. On the sweeter side, oranges, pears, pineapple and grapefruit should be on your shopping list.


Are you drinking enough water? Some people say to drink half of your weight in ounces, or you can drink 8 ounces of water every few hours. We're made of water, you NEED it!

Warm foods and liquids  

One of the best things I learned from my Acupuncturist is to not only increase my water intake but to drink warm water and foods especially in the winter. I love an ice cream cone in the middle of February, but it's not good for the gut or sinuses. Warm food will comfort you and warm water will help flush out phlegm and soothe a scratchy throat. Try this Curried Sweet Potato Soup or Lemon, Ginger & Turmeric Tea to start!

Essential oils

Essential oils are incredible natural cures for different ailments, including allergies. Pop over to your local natural food store and pick up some lavender, lemon and peppermint. Mix them together and drab your concoction under your nose, throat and the bottoms of your feet.


Try all of these things together or just a few to figure out what works for you. Finding the right combination will help you feel healthy and balanced.